A major upgrade for my yellow kitchen

How it looks.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my yellow kitchen. I love the color. I love the butcher block countertops. Recently, my yellow kitchen got a major upgrade when I got a new professional style stove. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway. I love my kitchen even more now! I was actually kind of surprised by how different it made the kitchen look. It really upped the wow factor of my little kitchen.

Feeling at home and enjoying the deck

Reading a book

I'm sitting out on our back deck with my cup of coffee and a book. Obviously, I'm not reading my book, since I'm writing to you. But I've been neglecting my friendship with you, so here I am enjoying my back deck with you.

How French doors will look in my sitting room

Playing with Photoshop

I have wanted to put French doors in our sitting room even before we ever closed on our house, and my husband has always said it would be nice. But I know unless he sees it, he won't get excited about the idea.

Easy ideas I used to transform our ho-hum bedroom

Cozy bedroom

I transformed our ho-hum bedroom into a cozy retreat, and I didn't need to spend thousands for a complete makeover. I'm sharing some simple inexpensive ideas I did in my own bedroom that anyone can do to up the cozy factor of your bedroom.