The window awnings come down

Front of the house

Some changes are so simple yet so significant, that you wonder why you didn't do them sooner. Taking down the window awnings at our new house is one of those changes. After my post last week about priming the family room and needing to see how the sunlight played in the house to choose colors, I asked Jim to take them down this weekend.

Remodeling a 1950's ranch

Family Room fireplace

Remodeling our new home is in full swing, and we've been working like crazy. (Well, except for this week, because my car has been in the shop and Jim has been out of town, so I couldn't get over to the new house, but that's a whole nother story.)  We still don't have approval to remove the load bearing wall between the dining and living rooms, but we're moving ahead with the other changes we want to make, and the list is long.