New Blog updated with some Old Posts

An empty blog is a boring blog.  It's an indisputable fact.  And, unfortunately, since being forced to start a new blog, my blog is empty.  I don't want a boring blog!!   That's why I've decided to transfer some of the posts from my old blog over to this one.  These will mostly be posts about things we done to our house.  It just seems a shame to have to lose all the work I did on the old blog.

Lampshade DIY
Old lamp, New look...  New blog, Old post
Today I added Before & After: Making over a LampshadeOff-Center Window in the Bedroom, Craigslist Finds Update Kitchen, Kitchen Renovation...The Blinds are GONE, and many more. Since they aren't new posts, I'm going to keep the original dates on the posts.

At first I thought I'd add a couple every week, but once I got started moving posts, it just seemed easier to to all of them at once. An added bonus to doing them all at once is I didn't accidently end up with duplicates.

The posts that didn't get moved over here need to be reworked.  I really want to find a way to bring back my "Inspiration" posts.  If I can work it out, those will most likely become a monthly feature, as they'll involve a lot of work.

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  1. I'm adding more and more posts. Check out your favorites. If there's a post I'm missing that you'd like to see added, I'll do my best to repost it.