In the Details: Kitchen Make-Over Colors

I have been overwhelmed by the response my last kitchen post has receive!  Wow!!  Thank you so much for sharing your kind words and thoughts on my two-day project!  It was definitely a labor of love, so to get so much blog-love is wonderful!!

A lot of you have asked for more details about what I did and the colors I used, so I thought I'd give you all of the info on that. 

Kitchen Cabinets Painted White
Kitchen Cabinets Painted White
By far, the question asked the most has been whether the upper and lower cabinets are painted a different shades of white. The simple answer is, yes, they are painted different shades of white. But, it looks far more obvious in the pictures than it does in person. 

The upper cabinets were painted using Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in Pure White. These were painted two years ago, and they have held up beautifully, I think mainly because of the Top Protective Coat that comes in the kit.  FYI, this kit was also used on my dining chairs, and it has also held up even with the beating those chairs get every day.

The lower cabinets were painted using Valspar Signature Paint + Primer in Pale Bloom 7002-8. I tried to match the uppers, but it was next to impossible, so I just went with the closest color I could find. I finished them off with Varathane polyurethane heavy use formula in a satin finish. 

Pale Bloom is just a tad more grey than the Pure White, but you cannot tell in person. In the pictures, I think it shows up more because of the light reflection. Pale Bloom was also used on the window trim, the door trim, and on the rubber base boards. 

I did not use a separate primer on the base cabinet or drawer fronts, but quickly found out that was a mistake. The paint wasn't covering as well as I wanted, and I was having to use four coats to get the coverage that made me happy.  So on the cabinet doors, I used Zinsser primer and the job went a lot faster.

Lower cabinets painted white
Lower cabinets painted white
I had forgotten when I did the upper cabinets that I had applied the beadboard wallpaper before I did any painting. That might have been because I got wonderful coverage with the Rustoleum kit than I did with regular paint--two coats of the Rustoleum and I was done.  The lower cabinets, I primed first and then applied the wallpaper.  The results look the same, just a little different process.

Corner of Kitchen
Corner of my kitchen you don't often see.
I wish there was a way to really show what a difference the paint color on the walls made to the overall look of the kitchen. Since the intensity of the new color compared to the old color is very much the same, photos really just can't capture the difference. 

The walls were painted with Valspar Signature Paint + Primer in Celery Root CI55.  It took me about eight hours total to paint all the walls in the kitchen. I did a few touch ups here and there once I was finished, but Valspar Signature is such great paint (seriously, I love the stuff), that I only had to use one coat of paint to cover everything.  (I'm not sure why the same wasn't true with the cabinets, but it might have to do with the color.)

Colors before and after
Colors before and after...
I'm not sure if these pictures really demonstrate the difference well or not.  The dark brown accent wall was painted a few months ago the same color as the rest of the living room and stenciled, so it's hard to see.  But the old color in the kitchen was more blue, and now it is more grey. 

So here is a run down of the colors used:
Upper cabinets: Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Pure White
Lower Cabinets and Trim:  Valspar Signature Paint + Primer Pale Bloom 7002-8
Wall Color: Valspar Signature Paint + Primer Celery Root CI55
Kitchen Before and After
Before and After
If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!  I'll try to answer them all. 

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Look what happened in my Kitchen in TWO days!

It's deer hunting season, so do you know what that means?  Renovations and redecorating!!

The moment Jim left to go deer hunting, I started working on the kitchen...

Look what happened in TWO days!
Kitchen Before and After
Before and After Side by Side
What a difference, huh?

Now, I will admit the the upper left-hand picture is from a couple years ago, but surprisingly, I didn't have a more recent before picture from that angle. Had I known that, I would have taken more before pictures.

What you probably can't tell from the above pictures is that the walls have all been painted also. They are very close to the original color. I wasn't unhappy with the the contrast of the color before, I just wasn't happy with the blue undertone of the old color. It didn't coordinate well with the living room color. The new color is Valspar Celery Root. It's a bit more grey/green/beige than the old color which was Olympic Frosty Pine. (The Frost Pine is still in my laundry room, and I do not have plans to change that.)

Wide angle of newly painted kitchen
Wide angle of entire kitchen... Yes, that is my WHOLE kitchen!
Of course, the biggest change is the lower cabinets. I hadn't planned on doing that while Jim was gone, but once the walls were painted, I decided to go ahead and tackle that project too. I pretty much followed the same process that I did on the upper cabinets a couple years ago, but this time I didn't use the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations. I will say, the job was much easier with the Rustoleum than it was with regular paint, and if I do something like this again, I'll spring for the Rustoleum.

One of the changes I'm especially happy with is I changed the handles on the drawers.  I found these wonderful glass handles from the 1940s on Etsy that I ordered about a month ago. I've been wanting to install them, but wanted to wait until I painted the cabinets because the holes from the old knobs needed to be filled. I just LOVE the new handles!

Close-up of new cabinet handles
New Handles from the 1940s!
I liked the old knobs.  They were also glass.  But they were brand new, not vintage, and I think you could tell. The lady I bought the handles from on Etsy said you could feel a warmth from the handles, and it's true. They've had a life, and I think that you can feel that when you touch them.  I don't know...maybe that sounds crazy, but it makes me smile when I think of it.

Old knobs on the drawers.
I used the old drawer knobs on the doors below the sink. I kind of like using all different glass knobs. I think it's kind of fun, and give the cabinets a 'collected' look. Plus, I still liked the other knobs. I didn't want to get rid of them, so I thought they would work there, because the tip-out drawers under the sink don't have handles. It kind of makes the kitchen sink cabinet stand out just a bit.

Sink Cabinet Knobs
Knobs on Sink Cabinet
In case you didn't notice, I used the beadboard wallpaper on the cabinet doors. I love that stuff, but I'm not thrilled with the Allen and Roth brand. The reason why is because of where they put the seam. The kind I used before had the seam in the 'bead', so it didn't show hardly at all when you butted two pieces together. The Allen and Roth brand has the seam in the middle of a 'board', so the seam really shows no matter how careful you are about matching up the two pieces. If I get it to use on a wall, I'll get the Style Selections brand from Lowe's, which is what I used before.

Back to the kitchen!  I also painted the rubber baseboards white as you can see in the Before and After below. Those will eventually be changed for real baseboards, but that won't be done until we tackle the floors. In the meantime, I was tired of looking at the ugly dark brown. The white makes the kitchen seem lighter and cleaner. Don't you agree that it looks much better?

Before and After - Check out the baseboard
I wish the difference in the wall color stood out more, because it really did make a huge difference. Maybe you can kind of tell the difference. The new color is much more neutral, but it still looks strong enough to stand on its own.

The kitchen isn't finished yet, but I'm loving it more and more with every little change!

So what do you think?  Let me know, because Jim's only response was "It's okay. I can live with it."  LOL!

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Choosing a Color for the Kitchen

Well, it has come down between two colors.  I like both of them, and either one will look great in my kitchen.  I just have to decide between one or the other.

Which would you choose for my kitchen?

Kitchen Paint Color Choices

Just a reminder...  This is what the kitchen looks like and it opens up onto the living room...

View of the Kitchen

Here's the view of the living room from the kitchen...

View of Living Room from Kitchen

Now, one thing you CAN ignore is the color of the lower cabinets.  They are going to be painted the same color as the upper cabinets, so the color of the oak is not an issue.  Neither is the color of the floor, because that will be changed eventually also.

One thing you might want to know when making your decision is the kitchen does not get a lot of natural light.

Okay... So which would you choose... Valspar Celery Root or Valspar Roasted Garlic.

Kitchen Paint Color Choices

Thanks for the help!!!

Kitchen Renovation... It's not done, but it's looking good!

Turns out this renovation is going to take a bit longer than I had hoped.  Jim discovered that the subfloor under the sink will probably have to be replaced, because at some point there was a bad leak that wasn't addressed right away. Now there is some mushiness under there that we just can't ignore when we move the cabinets around.

Luckily, we do have the uppers done, so that's a good thing.  I'm thrilled with the cabinet Jim made for me to fill the empty spot between two of the upper cabinets. It is not exactly what I envisioned, but he put a lot of work into it and it looks wonderful.

Let's take a quick look at what it was like before...

Kitchen before
Kitchen before, with the old stove, and the blank, empty spots between cabinets.
Here's a during picture.  Jim had installed the new cabinet that was the correct size for over the stove, and he had installed the microwave.  I was already loving it, but we still had the empty spot between the two cabinets that was wasted space.

Microwave in place
Kitchen in between, with the new microwave and new replacement cabinet.
It already looked a lot better. By the way, I love our new microwave. It works so much better than our countertop microwave worked, and it freed up a lot of space.

Now, here's what the upper cabinets look like now!

Kitchen after
Kitchen after, with new stove, new microwave, and two new cabinets--one made by my husband.
I love having the lids to my pots handy, and it works really well to have a space dedicated for our toaster oven. Again, it freed up a lot of space. The hard part was figuring out how to properly vent the cabinet so the toaster oven wouldn't be a fire hazard. You can't see it, but there is a hole in the side of the cabinet on the vent side of the oven that allows for circulation.

So what did I do with all the space I gained?  Well, we now have a coffee center, and I've brought my KitchenAid Mixer out of hiding.

Coffee center
Coffee center... Also storage for cutting boards and knives.
Notice that our coffee pot is on a marble lazy susan?  Well, that's because Jim is left handed and the lazy susan allows him to turn the pot so it's more convenient for him to pour the water into it. It works out really well.  Having the coffee pot located out of the work area has saved us from bumping into each other in the mornings.  It took a little getting used to the new placement, but it really has made the kitchen more efficient--a necessity for a kitchen as small as ours!

And here's where my KitchenAid has landed.  It now has a place of honor where it will be easy for me to use. Before it was on a shelf in our laundry room, and I had to haul it into the kitchen whenever I wanted to use it.  Anyone who has a KitchenAid knows how heavy they are, so you know it didn't get used much when I had to drag it out.  Now it will get used a lot.

KitchenAid Mixer's place of honor.
There is still an awful lot to do, but I'm really happy with the progress so far.  Of course, you know I can already see how it's going to look in my mind's eye, which makes me really eager to get on with the rest of it. But I know we probably won't do anything more with it, as far as the construction part, until after the holidays. Although, I will be repainting the kitchen starting next week.

Upper cabinets, wide angle
Another view of the upper cabinets
You might have noticed the crown molding shelve on the soffit. I added those to add a little height to the room and give the illusion that the cabinets are taller. I think it worked. They're identical shelves, and they're centered above each of the three upper cabinets that have doors. (Sorry about the glare from the light. There is very little natural light in our kitchen, so it's hard to get good lighting even on a sunny day.)

Kitchen layout drawing
My inspiration drawing.
I thought I'd show you the drawing I did again... I think the finished product of the upper cabinets looks pretty close to my drawing.

If you're wondering about the artwork on the shelves.  It's some of my own pieces, and they're for sale in my online shop, Moments of Art.  They are called Romance I, Romance II and Romance III.  I created them with either a green background or the white background as shown.
Romance in White Art Prints
Romance IRomance II, and Romance III
I'm not objective by any means, but I think they give the perfect vintage shabby romance look to the shelves. My plan was to go with the green background, when I put the two different backgrounds up to see which I liked best, the white won out with the white cabinets.

So.... That's about all I have to share about the kitchen for now. There will be more changes, so stay tuned!!!

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