Craigslist Finds Update the Kitchen

One thing my closest friends will tell you about me is that I'm good at finding great buys on Craigslist. It's true. I've found some wonderful things on Craigslist...  I think all of you know how much I love my beloved china cupboard that I found on Craigslist a few years ago.  To this day, I still love it and it still makes me smile every time I look at it.

China Cabinet
How it looked on Craigslist
This is how it looked on Craigslist, and I remember being devastated when the seller wrote to me and told me it was already sold. But it was meant to be mine, because she wrote back a few days later to tell me the buyer had changed her mind and to ask if I still wanted it.  YES!  It came home, and I've loved it ever since. 

China cabinet at our house
How it looked after I brought it home. 
Then there was the "haunted" table I found last year. How could I resist checking out a Craigslist ad with the headline "Possibly Haunted Table", especially in October???  I couldn't so I checked it out, and then checked it out again, and checked it out again.  I kept going back to that listing, something about it spoke to me. 

Antique Cherry Table on Craigslist
How it looked on Craigslist
For the record, since we bought the "haunted" table, we have not had anything strange happen. So if the table's actually haunted, the spirits must be happy with how we're taking care of it.  After we brought it home, we realized the legs were on backwards, and we switched them around. The, because the people who had it before had stripped the top, I cleaned it up and refinished the top so we could use it. This summer, I will be stripping the whole thing and refinishing entire thing. 

Antique Cherry Table at our house
How it looked after refinishing the top.
We love this table. Like I said, I'll be refinishing the whole table this summer. When I refinished the top, the weather got too cold, and the top has a couple blotchy spots because of that. Plus, I didn't touch the legs, and they need to be stripped and refinished.  Two of the chairs have been painted white, and I'll be painted the other two probably this week.  But, this Craigslist find has given us so much more room in our kitchen/dining room even though it's a bigger table. The shape just works much better.

Well, now we've reached my latest Craigslist kitchen upgrade. I'm so excited. I know all of you know how much I've wanted to replace our stove... Well... WE DID!!!  I found a stainless steel stove on Craigslist 20 minutes after it was listed.  The stainless ones always go quickly, so Jim said to write to the seller right away. The guy called me about a half hour later, and about an hour later we were the proud owners of a new stove--well, new to us. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a before picture of it.  But we installed it yesterday.  It really needed to be cleaned up, because it had food burned in it, and even had some bugs in it! GROSS!  But it cleaned up beautifully!

Before and after of Stove
Old stove... New stove!
I love the new stove.  Of course, there was a little bit of buyer's remorse, before we installed it, because we were worried that maybe it wouldn't actually work. Fortunately, it does work. It looks great with our stainless steel refrigerator, and it really updates the kitchen.  It's such an improvement over the old stove, which came with the house when Jim bought it. 

BTW, for those of you who hate stainless steel because of the fingerprints, the best way to prevent fingerprints is to clean it with Pledge or Old English furniture polish--the spray kind for wood. It works great!  Seriously. Try it. 

Any way, now, all I have to do is find an over the stove microwave in stainless steel, and the appliance upgrades will be complete!  

Okay... no post about Craigslist finds would be complete without a dollar amount...  All of these finds cost us $450 total!  A china cupboard, a cherry table, and a convection slide-in stainless steel range all for under $500.  Now, those are great deals!!

Have you found any great buys on Craigslist??

Crazy July... Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

I know, I know... You've all been waiting for me to start posting again as promised in my last post. Well, let me just share a little bit about how July went, and maybe you'll understand the my need for a bit of recovery time.

This year my parents have been married for 50 years!  That's right, this year was their 50th wedding anniversary, and that is really something to celebrate, because let's face it...unfortunately, not many couples make it 50 years any more. I won't go into the reasons why, because we all know why...divorce rates, getting married later in life, etc.  Let's just focus on my Mom and Dad for now, and not think about those other things.

I wish I had a photo to show you from when they got married, but those are all at their house and not scanned.  (I think I've just found a new project that should be done.)  Anyway, they got married on July 6, 1963.  Here's some trivia for you, on July 1, 1963, the U.S. Postal Service introduced ZIP Codes...

Mom and Dad
My handsome father and beautiful mother!
Well, about three years ago, Mom and Dad decided they did not want a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. Instead, they want our immediate family to go on a trip together to Pipestem Resort in West Virginia. So that's exactly what we did.  We packed two vans with more food than we need, and the eight of us drove to West Virginia.

BTW, the above picture of my mom and dad was taken at our wedding reception two years ago.

It was a great trip. The resort is in a state park, so there were deer all over the place. We rented a three-bedroom cabin, and I think I've found our new "dream" house layout. It was spacious, with a huge fireplace, a deck off the back, and a fantastic view. We even had a deer that slept under our back deck!  I wish I had gotten some better pictures of it.

Cabin Living Room with lots of windows
Living room in the cabin.
 You can kind of see the view through the window, but you really cannot tell how beautiful the really was.  The hardwood floors were all throughout the cabin. Of course, I would have chose different furniture, but I wasn't the decorator!!

Fireplace at the cabin
Cabin's fireplace
The fireplace was great. It really needs a mantel though.  It's a working fireplace, and the resort provides firewood. Unfortunately, it was too warm for a fire. Jim and I might go back sometime in the fall during to see the colors, and we'll rent a two bedroom cabin so we can have a fireplace.

Deer at Pipestem Resort
Deer behind our cabin
Here's a picture of one of the deer that we saw.  This one was taken from our deck off the back of our cabin. The deer were very used to people and didn't seem to have any fear at all. They were not domesticated, they were wild, but they had no problem with us watching them. We even saw them begging for food from a family that were having a picnic outside... That's why the resort had all kinds of signs tell people it is against the law to feed the wildlife on State property.  These deer would become dependent on the food from people, rather than foraging for food.  Plus, people food is not good for them.

I've kind of gotten off track with this post... Well, let's just say, Mom and Dad's anniversary trip was a success.  Much better than an anniversary party would have been, because we got to spend some quality time with them.  Dad and Jim got to go golfing together.  Mom and I went antique shopping.  Everyone went horseback riding together. (Well, except me, because my Lupus decided to flare on that day, so I couldn't go.)

It was a great trip. And that was just the start of July. I have even more to tell you in the next post!

But until then... Enjoy the beauty of the mountains in West Virginia!

Mountains in West Virginia
Sunset over the mountains

Mountains in West Virginia
Looking down the gully. 

Mountains in West Virginia
Another beautiful sunset over the mountains.

Mountains in West Virginia
Looking down the mountain along the tram lines.