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simplify, word of the year

Last year my word was "Enhance." I embraced that by redecorating the bathroom, which enhanced our lives tremendously, because our bathroom is now functional and beautiful.  The living room was enhanced with a beautiful new green sofa and a nice leather reclining chair. Plus, I refinished the coffee table, and created new artwork for the wall. All those things brightened the room and pulled it together. It still makes me smile, and that's important.  There was a lot more, but those are some of the highlights of what I did to enhance our home and our lives.

This year my word is "Simplify," and I'm already starting to embrace it.

Yesterday, I took down some of the Christmas decorations. And rather than replacing them with the decorations I usually have out, I "simplified" and limited what I put back. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but it's as though it's giving me space to breathe...very refreshing.

The other area where I want to "simplify" is my wardrobe. I've been hanging onto a lot of clothes that I simply don't wear any longer, either because they no longer fit or are no longer my style. I've been thinking about style a lot lately. Before I met Jim, I had a style--a style that attracted him by the way--a style that I loved. But now that I've settled into a new lifetstyle, I realize I've let my personal style slide. So now I want to figure out what my style is again and embrace it.  That means simplifying my wardrobe.

So this is my year for simplifying my life. I'm going to look for little ways to things so I can truly enjoy life.

Have you picked out a word for the year?  I'd love to hear what word you've picked out for the year.

Oh! and before I forget!!!


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