Jul 31, 2016

The Scene-Stealer in My Kitchen

Completely renovated kitchen
Completely renovated kitchen is being upstaged.
When you go through all the work to completely renovate your kitchen, you expect it to be the star of the show. You hope your friends will ooh and ahh over all your hard work, because you put your heart into it. At least, that's what I expected, but you know what? There is scene-stealer in my kitchen, and it is upstaging my new kitchen big time. 

Jul 28, 2016

What a difference a year makes!

A year ago today, we closed on our house.  We renovated for eight months and moved in about four months ago. When I look back at the pictures, even I am amazed by how different the house looks. The changes are so dramatic.
Dining Room before and after
The dining room when we first looked at the house, and now...
A lot of people don't realize these are pictures of the same room until I tell them both of them are of the dining room. I love it when people think the opening between the dining room and the living room is original. That's how you know you made the right reno choice.

Family / Sitting Room before and after
The Sitting Room when we first looked at the house, and now...
The sitting room was the room that sold me on the house. This is still one of my favorite rooms. It is so light and airy feeling.

Kitchen before and after
The kitchen when we first looked at the house, and now...
We thought the kitchen was great when we first looked at the house. I loved how the cabinet went all the way to the ceiling. Of course, we quickly realized the layout wasn't going to work. I'm so happy we decided to rip out everything and start from scratch.

Living Room before and after
The Living Room when we first looked at the house, and now...
This view of the living room doesn't highlight the biggest change, which is the wall being removed, but it does show how cozy it feels now. I know Tia feels comfortable in here.

I am so thrilled with the way everything turned out. I love our house, and I'm glad we bought it, even if it did take eight months to renovate it. Which room is your favorite?

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Jul 19, 2016

Look what I found!!!

Introducing my next project!  I can't wait to show you what I have planned for this baby!!!

Treadle Sewing Machine
Treadle Sewing machine, circa 1890-1899.
Yes it is going to be repurposed. We're just working out the actual design for how we want to use it. I know Jim's excited, because he took it right down to the basement and started dismantling it right away. He didn't even give me a chance to take before pictures, so these were taken by my friend who sold it to me.

Treadle Sewing Machine front
The lid and one of the drawer bases are in really bad shape, but the rest looks pretty good.
It didn't have side drawers, but that's okay. Those are fairly easy to find if we decide we need them. The center drawer does work, which I'm pretty excited about. I'm hoping to be able to keep as much of the original wooden casing as possible. 

Sears Roebuck and Co. Cast Iron Legs
Missing the treadle and wheel, but oh so cool! This one's pretty rare.
This is the part Jim likes the best, and I have to admit I really like it too. I've never seen one made by Sear Roebuck and Co.  The ones I've seen have always been Singers, so I think this one is pretty rare.

Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime...

What would you do with it?

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