Jul 29, 2015

The Wait is Over! We bought a house!

Last month I shared that I had a secret I was itching to share, but that you'd have to wait to find out what it was. Now I can tell you!!

Drum roll please...

We bought a new house!!

We closed yesterday, and have already made some huge progress.  Mostly removing wallpaper. There's nothing like removing wallpaper to make you feel like the house like yours instead of someone else's.   I told Jim that, and he disagreed, saying there was nothing like signing a mortgage to make is feel like yours!  He just doesn't get it.  haha!

So here's a couple before and after pictures.  The walls still need to the rest of the wallpaper paste washed off, but just removing the paper made a huge difference, especially in the dining room.

Bye-Bye Wallpaper!

The wallpaper is gone!
I'm taking down the plastic wainscotting in the dining room, and I still have wallpaper in the kitchen to remove.  So much to do.  I'll be sharing more as we go!


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