Nov 2, 2016

Small change in the kitchen -- Huge impact

Something in my kitchen has been bugging me big time ever since my dishwasher was installed. To fix it, I recently made a small change, and that change has had a huge impact on my happiness level! Look at this picture and see if you can figure out what's bothering me about my kitchen.

Black hole under dishwasher
How the toe kick looked after the dishwasher was installed
Can you guess what it is that bugs me?

Oct 31, 2016

Learning how to use my DSLR camera

I've always used my phone to take the pictures on this blog, and now I've invested in a DSLR camera. Let me say right off the bat that there is a definite learning curve. However, the results are going to be so worth it. Here are some of the pictures I've taken since buying my camera.

Jasper Close Up
Jasper - Such a handsome boy!
I didn't just take a picture of Jasper and stop there. I have a few more to share.

Sep 28, 2016

My "Haunted" Dining Room Table

My Craigslist Table
My "Haunted" Dining Room Table
October is only a couple days away, and the internet is alive with "haunted" stories and Halloween decorating ideas. You know what, though? Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, but I do have a scary story to share. Okay, not scary. My "haunted" dining room table is not scary, and I'm not sure it's actually haunted, but it is one of my best Craigslist finds.

Aug 21, 2016

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Built-in cabinet gets a mini-makeover
The finished cabinet.
Paint and new hardware made a huge difference in how our bathroom cabinet looks. It also made a huge difference in how the entire bathroom looks. This cabinet had some serious issues that had to be addressed sooner rather than later.